Below are some links to documents describing physiotherapy exercises for some common bone, joint and muscle problems.  Alternatively you can look at the NHS Inform website which has some additional advice and exercises you can try.  

NEW Musculoskeletal Service

A new service based in East Lothian Community hospital for any muscle or joint related problems.  Call 01620 642 968 Monday/Tuesday/Friday between 09:00 and 11:30.  You will be assessed and treated for your problem or referred on for more specialist input if required.  No need to speak to your GP before calling.

Patients can contact NHS inform on 0800 917 9390 for advice, information, and to arrange an assessment for muscle and joint problems.  The service provides physiotherapy guides and can arrange an appointment directly with a local Physiotherapist.  There is also an app available for smartphones. iOS, Android

PATIENT EXERCISE LEAFLETS - click on the title to view

Anterior Knee Pain

Knee Osteoarthritis

Plantar fascitis

Shoulder Pain

Golfers Elbow

Mechanical Back Pain

Tennis Elbow

Simple Back Exercises

Simple Knee Exercises

Simple Neck Exercises

Simple Shoulder Exercises


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