CMS (Chronic Medication Service)




Across Scotland the Chronic Medication Service (CMS) is being used to simplify the way you get medication for long term conditions.  For those patients on long term medication which is stable and doesnt need adjustment the CMS will mean rather than having to order a prescription every 2 months this will be available automatically at the chemist when you need it without having to order it. 

This is being rolled out slowly and if it is felt this would be suitable for the prescriptions you are on we will let you know.

The note below is what you will get from our Pharmacist if you are going to be changed to the CMS system.


Changes to your prescription


Patients who have stable chronic conditions and take long term regular medicines can now have a long term prescription issued which lasts for up to a year at a time.

Regular medicines are dispensed automatically at your community pharmacy every two months for you to collect without you having to contact the practice for a repeat prescription.

When your prescription is finished, the pharmacy will request a new one for you.

Please note when you go to pick up your first prescription, your pharmacist may ask you to complete a registration form.


What this means to you:


I have issued a 12 month prescription for your regular medicines. When you need a repeat supply you should contact your community pharmacy.

If you have any medicines which are used on an occasional basis such as inhalers, or medicines which are not on your repeat list, you should contact the practice to order these.

If you are called in to have aspects of your treatment reviewed such as annual asthma reviews or blood tests, you should make an appointment to attend for these as usual.

If you have any queries about this change, please contact the practice or your community pharmacist.


Yours faithfully,

Integrated Care Pharmacist