Mental Health




This is a new mental health service from East Lothian health and social care partnership called CWIC Mental health.  If you are having any mental health problems and are registered with a GP in East Lothian call this number: 

0300 790 6292 between 09:00am and 4:00pm. 

There is no need for a referral or to speak with your GP first. For more info click here

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Tyne Medical Practice Mental Health and wellbeing pack

This pack contains the following we hope will be useful to

  • Useful websites, groups and counselling
  • Apps to help with low mood and anxiety
  • Classes, telephone support organisations
  • Stress and relaxation CD – available on request, please ask your doctor

In times of crisis, if you need to talk urgently…

  • Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87 (Mon – Thurs 6pm – 2am. Weekend Friday 6pm-Monday 6am): A confidential phoneline service for anyone in Scotland feeling low, anxious or depressed
  • Samaritans 116 123 (24hrs, every day, free phone): Telephone support for those experiencing feelings of emotional distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. Email for a response within 24 hours if you find it easier to write your thoughts and feelings down. Not suitable for urgent support.
  • Saneline 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm-10.30pm, every day): national out-of-hours telephone helpline offering emotional support and information for people affected by mental health problems including family, friends and carers.)
  • NHS24: Tel 111

Other telephone support services

  • Cruse 0808 808 1677 (9:30am – 5pm Monday+Friday, open until 8pm Tues/Wed/Thurs): The CRUSE bereavement care free helpline is staffed by trained bereavement volunteers, who offer emotional support to anyone affected by bereavement
  • Living Life 0800 328 9655 (Mon – Fri 1pm – 9pm): Appointment based telephone counseling service based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, where you will receive a series of appointments with a self help coach or therapist to help with anxiety, stress, depression.
  • 1st Response 07966 526 452 (leave a message and someone will call you to arrange an appointment.): Open to anyone aged 18 years old and over who lives in East Lothian and is experiencing distress and reduced mental wellbeing. Run by specially trained practitioners and peer workers - people who use their own experience of mental health difficulties to help others achieve recovery.

Useful Websites

  • MoodjuicePatient information booklets and more information on subjects including abuse, anger, anxiety, bereavement, dementia parenting. To help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving these.
  • Anxiety Canada: Free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders . Information for adults, children and parents of those with anxiety.
  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists: have a range of information leaflets about mental health conditions and relevant support services written by psychiatrists and patients.
  • Living Life To The Full: Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resilience. Work out why you feel as you do, how to tackle problems, build confidence, get going again, feel happier, stay calm, tackle upsetting thinking and more. Also includes support and courses to help deal with chronic pain, pregnancy, birth and more.
  • Moodgym is an online self-help program designed to help users prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is like an interactive, online self-help book which teaches skills based on cognitive behaviour therapy. Cost = $39 (Australian) for 12 month access [approx. £20 in June 2019]
  • East Space: Information for people in East Lothian on how and where to access support services in the local area. Also includes events, courses, classs available locally.
  • ChangesTel: 0131 653 3977 Community Health Project which aims to promote the positive wellbeing of people living in East Lothian. They offer a wide range of courses, groups, therapies and activities to help manage stress, anxiety and depression and maintain wellbeing. Includes stress control classes, mindfulness, counselling, CBT and more. Audio tracks for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation available to listen to via website as well as links to self help resources.
  • Wellbeing Lothian: Find information and tools to help with your wellbeing and mental health.


  • Feeling Good AppFeeling good is a free Positive Mental Training programme which uses relaxation, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and resilience building techniques to help improve positive feelings, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Headspace: Headspace is an app which teaches meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day. This has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and sleep better.
  • Calm: Guided meditations and relaxation techniques to help you manage anxiety, lower stress and sleep better.
  • Happy Not Perfect: Tools to help with feeling anxious, stressed, tired, frustrated, including daily ‘happiness workouts’
  • CalmHarm: App to help resist and manage the urge to self harm (age 12+) Groups and volunteering
  • Amisfield Walled Garden: Walled garden on the outskirts of Haddington open to all. Volunteers required to help develop the garden and improve health, well-being and education of the local community. Contact Alasdair McDougall 0770 404 9572 or
  • Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre: Located in Haddington in the Elizabeth Hamilton Buildings, offers a wide variety of arts and crafts classes and self-help groups for adults (16+ year olds).
  • Sew Forth: Sewing and stitching group meeting regularly in Gullane



Other Services available

  • Carers of East Lothian: tel 0131 665 0135 Support and practical advice for anyone who is a carer, including caring for those with mental health problems.
  • Penumbra: tel 0131 665 5818 email Voluntary organisation throughout Scotland Promotes wellbeing, recovery and self management including 1:1 wellbeing coaching and workshops. Suitable for those with mild-severe mental health issues who require support to identify and overcome difficulties in daily life.
  • ALISS‘A Local Information Service for Scotland’ Search for useful community support, groups and resources in your local area

Children and young people

We have a number of resources available specifically for children and young people. Please talk to your doctor if you would like to find out more and we can direct you to the best resources for you and your family.  There is also a new website from East Lothian council which lists lots of services and online resources  Check it out here.

In addition to this the Mental Health & Wellbeing – Single Point of Access service at East Lothian Council aims to provide an additional level of support for children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing, where their needs cannot be met through universal supports.  The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team comprises a Coordinator, Mental Health Youth Workers and an Occupational Therapist, however the team also work with partner agencies to provide a wide range of mental health supports. The Single Point of Access (SPA) is the system by which children and young people are matched with the most appropriate service for them and is managed by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.  This is usually completed by Schools who have local input from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.  You can contact your childs guidance counsellor to discuss this in the first instance.  It is also possible to self refer.  You would need to fill out a form and e-mail it to the single point of access team at the following address.  The form can be downloaded by clicking here. To contact them email