Here are a few quick updates about the Omicron variant and how it will affect the practice in the weeks ahead. 


1.)     In terms of making appointments little has changed.  When you call you will be asked for some information regarding your problem for all appointments.  For medical emergencies on the day, the Dr’s will use the information that you provide to triage the calls for the day.  If you are booking something that will require you to come to the surgery (such as a blood test) you will be asked some additional questions to make sure you have no symptoms of COVID.  You will also be asked these if the GP asks you to come into the surgery.


2.)    We will now post out medical certificates to you (rather than asking you to come and collect them from the surgery) and where possible we will try to send prescriptions direct to the chemist for you rather than asking you to collect them from the front desk.  This is minimise the numbers of people in the building just to pick things up.


3.)    Keep an eye out on our website, local press and social media for information about the COVID vaccination/booster programme.  There is a new drop in centre at the Haddington Corn exchange for boosters Click here for more information.  Also please call the National vaccination helpline if you are having issues with your vaccination appointments.  This is a national system and we can’t see or change any appointments. The number is 0800 030 8013


4.)    Lastly just a reminder.  If you have ANY symptoms of COVID (even if it you think it is probably just a cold or a chest infection) please book a PCR test online.  Lateral flow tests are just to screen people who don’t have any symptoms.

Published: Dec 21, 2021