This week there are a large number of staff off sick with COVID across the three practices in Haddington.  As a result we have a very limited number of receptionists available to take calls.  As a result it will be harder to get through on the phone.

We are trying to work around these issues but it will inevitably impact on your ability to get through to the practice on the phone this week, and we are going to implement measures to keep our vulnerable patients safe and prevent further spread of the virus.


  • We will be asking everyone entering the building to wear a mask.
  • We will be limiting face to face appointments and focusing on telephone consulting where appropriate.
  • If you have a medical emergency or are unwell contact the surgery as usual. 
  • If you are seeking non-emergency medical advice or to see a GP please contact the surgery as usual and we will work out how best to deal with your issue.
  • If you already have a face to face appointment booked at the surgery for this week please attend as usual unless we contact you to advise otherwise. 
  • If you are ringing to make a routine appointment, seeking routine results or any other non urgent administrative type query please consider delaying this until next week.
  • If you are ringing for a sick line please look at the website as these can be requested online now.
  • If you are ringing to order a prescription and are already registered for our online system please try and request it online.

    We will keep you updated here of any developments.

    Best wishes

    Tyne Medical Practice team.

UPDATE: 01/08/23.  Normal service has been resumed.

Published: Jul 25, 2023