Seretide to Combisal switch



The primary care team in this practice are continually reviewing prescribing to provide patients with appropriate, high quality and cost effective medications for their conditions. We are keen to ensure that all our patients receive the best quality treatment whilst making the best use of NHS resources available to us.

Recently there have been a number of new inhalers released onto the market and the NHS Lothian inhaler guidance has been updated with some of these new products.


From your records we note that you are currently prescribed:

Seretide® pMDI inhaler


This product contains salmeterol/ fluticasone and NHS Lothian first choice for this combination inhaler has changed to:

Combisal® pMDI inhaler


Your repeat prescription for Seretide® inhaler has now been changed to Combisal® inhaler. These inhalers are equivalent and contain exactly the same drugs at the same strength. You will notice a slight difference in the colour of the inhaler device and dust cap however they are used in exactly the same way. If you currently use a spacer device you should continue to do so.


Inhalation technique for these type of inhalers is “SLOW and STEADY”. Please see ASTHMA UK inhaler technique resources . You should continue to take the same dose as advised by your doctor or nurse. Asthma is a condition that needs reviewed regularly even if you feel well as a severe asthma attack can happen at any time without warning. Please remember to attend your annual asthma review at the practice and take your inhalers with you.

However if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the practice if you would like to speak to the practice pharmacist or your GP.