Video Consulting




In order to limit spread of the disease, during the current COVID-19 outbreak we are trying to use remote consulting as much as possible to minimise the number of patients attending the surgery face to face. 

We are using a mixture of telephone and video consultations where possible, although are still seeing patients in the surgery if necessary.  We have had to adapt rapidly to the changes COVID-19 has forced upon us so please read the notes below.  

image of an online consultation

Please do not connect to this service unless you have been asked to do so.  Only calls from patients who have been asked to connect to the video consulting service will be answered.

Video consultations will be arranged by your GP if after a telephone consultation it is decided it would be helpful.  Please follow the instructions below to connect to the service. This service works on google chrome and safari browsers and can be used on most home computers, Apple Macs, tablets and mobile phones.


How To Connect

About 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your appointment please click this link and fill in the details to join the video call waiting room. If you have any problems joining the video call the Doctor will call you back on your usual number.  Reception is unfortunately not able to help with any technical queries. 

Please do not share the link to the video consulting as this is specific to patients from Tyne Medical practice only. Only calls where an appointment has been made with reception will be answered. 

We hope you find the video consultation a helpful option.